Selected Reviews

The Ensemble Studio Theater Marathon, John, Who's Here From Cambridge:

"...Martyna Majok’s stealthily devastating miniature, “John, Who’s Here From Cambridge” — an indelibly acted portrait of intimacy and entitlement that is the apex of Ensemble Studio Theater’s 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays: Series B... Unhurriedly directed by Nick Leavens... it’s a small, exhilarating ambush of a play. It makes Series B a must-see..." - New York Times

The House of Von Macrame:

"Director Nick Leavens does a splendid job organizing the chaos onstage while managing to find space for small but juicy comic bits of business." - BACKSTAGE

"Conkel, Marks and director Nick Leavens’s material is wonderful and extreme." - TimeOUTNY

Short Plays

"...Leavens perfectly orchestrating the action of Saleh’s witty script..." - Theater Online

In the News

"Nick Leavens is writing about where he is from, and so the characterizations have a complexity that makes this so rich.” -Eugene Weekly on the workshop of Beer

Brooklyn News 12 comes to |the claque|'s Mac Off and asks Nick what it takes to make a really amazing mac and cheese

The New York Times explores what it took to create the blood effects in The House of Von Macrame written by Joshua Conkel and directed by Nick Leavens.

Nick speaks with NPR Marketplace's Alex Goldmark about mustaches and philanthropy.



Nick Leavens is a person who understands the ephemera of mysterious moments in life and, therefore, onstage. He holds them in his palms like he’s balancing butterflies or grenades.
— Martyna Majok, playwright
Nick helped my organization in our early, more difficult stages as we secured some of our first corporate sponsors. He is sharp, pragmatic, and extremely personable which allows him to get to the core with his clients in an efficient, yet fun way.

Whether it is help crafting a speech or meet with an investor or potential partner, I firmly believe institutions can count on Nick’s sense of possibility to help them dream big and represent the best version of themselves to achieve their goals.
— Osh Ghanimah, Founder of Broadway for All
Here’s the thing about Nick. He is one of the most passionate, committed, and energized guys shaping the worlds of new play development and non-profit theater today. You’re going to remember that you’ve worked with him. And you’re going to be so glad that you did.
— Liz Carlson, associate producer of New York Stage and Film
I can’t get enough of working with Nick. He makes my work look amazing, always. In the room he’s efficient and delightful; onstage, the work sings. He directs with clarity and warmth. I feel like every time we collaborate, we drop the mic and walk away. More Nick, please, and thank you.
— Mariah MacCarthy, playwright
Nick Leavens is a true artistic producer. He has a refined skill for choosing work and bringing together all the right people. Always daring and resourceful, you know you are in capable hands with Nick.
— Danya Taymor, director
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick on several projects. Nick’s consistent professionalism, insight, and enthusiasm makes him a valuable addition to any production.
— Leon Doell, film director, composer
Nick is one of those artistic professionals that just gets it-and his love for the craft is absolutely vibrant. I have had the pleasure in working with him multiple times, and his wisdom, artistic eye, and witty chops make it a joy to work with him. He cares about his actors and his approach brings out the best work in all of his collaborators.
— Aimée Cucchiaro, actor, singer
Nick Leavens is the motherfucker. The REAL motherfucker.
— Charley Parden, photographer