Selected Press


Written about is over two dozen press outlets domestically and internationally, "Unicornland" has received universal praise. It's notably been covered by Vice, NPR, Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone. Other press on the show can be found at the series' website.

"Unicornland is the series you need to be binge watching." - Pride

"...eight hilarious, poignant, sweet, and—yes—very sexy episodes that show how sleeping with people can be a powerful tool in self-discovery." - Glamour

The Ensemble Studio Theater Marathon, John, Who's Here From Cambridge:

"...Martyna Majok’s stealthily devastating miniature, “John, Who’s Here From Cambridge” — an indelibly acted portrait of intimacy and entitlement that is the apex of Ensemble Studio Theater’s 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays: Series B... Unhurriedly directed by Nick Leavens... it’s a small, exhilarating ambush of a play. It makes Series B a must-see..." - New York Times

The House of Von Macrame:

"Director Nick Leavens does a splendid job organizing the chaos onstage while managing to find space for small but juicy comic bits of business." - BACKSTAGE

"Conkel, Marks and director Nick Leavens’s material is wonderful and extreme." - TimeOUTNY

Short Plays

"...Leavens perfectly orchestrating the action of Saleh’s witty script..." - Theater Online

In the News

Creator Thom Woodley interviews Nick about his creative process and current projects.

"Nick Leavens is writing about where he is from, and so the characterizations have a complexity that makes this so rich.” - Eugene Weekly on the workshop of Beer

The New York Times explores what it took to create the blood effects in The House of Von Macrame written by Joshua Conkel and directed by Nick Leavens.

Nick speaks with NPR Marketplace's Alex Goldmark about mustaches and philanthropy.