DIRECTING: Mariah MacCarthy's Obsession play with E.S.T. Youngblood

This Sunday I'll be directing in the E.S.T. Youngblood Brunch written by the incredible Mariah MacCarthy. The deets:



We all have obsessions. Perhaps a lover. Perhaps a nemesis. Perhaps watching short plays once a month while eating breakfast food comfortably late in the day. 

Join Youngblood next Sunday and we can share our obsessions together. 

Along with some booze and pancakes.


Sunday, February 1st, 2015
Bacon, pancakes eggs and (young)bloody marys 
start at 12:30

New Plays by Paul Cameron Hardy, Jahna Ferron-Smith, Mariah MacCarthy, Abby Rosebrock and Emily Chadick Weiss