Active Projects/Clients

The Bushwick Starr

Who they are: The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award winning not-for-profit theater that presents an annual season of new work in theater, dance, and puppetry. They are an organization defined by both our artists and our community, and since 2007, have grown into a thriving theatrical venue, a vital neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance. The Bushwick Starr’s mission is to help ambitious artists and ambitious audiences find each other. 

What we are doing: In the midst of a period of great success and exceptional growth, Nick is working with the Starr to plan a potential move to a new theatre space. The potential multi-year project will include planning and strategy, infrastructure analysis, and fundraising guidance. 

Broadway for All

Who they are: Broadway For All provides middle and high school students from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to train for theatre and musical theatre in a summer conservatory led entirely by a faculty from Broadway.  Originally born out of a Presidential Public Service Fellowship through Harvard University's Office of the President, Broadway For All is a NYC-based non-profit with an emphasis on social justice and public service. It strategically aims to build bridges between various communities and to promote the development of creative relationships across cultural and socio-economic boundaries.

What we are doing: As Broadway for All enters it's third season, it enters a new phase of growth. Nick is helping their founder, Osh Ghanimah, to help plot out the future vision of the company through artistic partnerships, fundraising strategy, board development, and strategic planning.

Theatre is Easy

Who they are: Theatre Is Easy is dedicated to making theatre accessible for everyone, including tourists and locals who might feel overwhelmed by the theatre district and all it has to offer. The mission is simple: we provide information in a compact, easy-to-understand way, thereby creating a larger and more knowledgeable audience pool for New York theatre, both on and off Broadway. 

What we are doing: As the pace of web development continues to grow, Nick is working with Theatre is Easy (or Theasy) to consider how to grow with the current New York theatre market and to carve out a truly unique niche for itself in the theatre web community.

Past Projects/Clients

Anna Deavere Smith's Pipeline Project

About the Project: The Anna Deavere Smith Pipeline Project will reveal the experiences of low-income, Black, Latino, and Native American youths caught in cycles of suspension and incarceration that can set them on paths of long-term involvement with the criminal justice system. The goal of the project is to use Anna Deavere Smith’s distinctive form of documentary theater as a locus of understanding and action around issues of the pipeline. Specific objectives of the Pipeline Project are to humanize and spur awareness of critical issues that give rise to the pipeline through the stories of those connected to it; to use theater to catalyze advocacy around these issues; and to convene stakeholders and civic leaders to encourage transformative dialogue about the pipeline. .

What we did: As the Project Manager for The Pipeline Project, Nick is guided the project through research and presentations in Baltimore, Berkeley, and New York. In collaboration with Ms. Smith, Nick oversaw all of the overall strategy, financial planning, staff oversight, fundraising strategy, website/social media design and implementation, logistical planning, and other project matters that present themselves.

Sheen Center

Who they are: The Sheen Center complex encompasses two theaters, four rehearsal studios, and an art gallery in downtown Manhattan. The institution is a forum to highlight the true, the good, and the beautiful as they have been expressed throughout the ages. The Sheen Center aspires to present the heights and depths of human expression in thought and culture, featuring humankind as fully alive. 

What we did: Working with his colleagues at GB Consulting Associates, Nick advised on the design, fundraising, and operations of the center, was key in hiring staff, and lead outreach to the artistic community of New York on behalf of the Center. He served as the Programming Director of the Center leading up to and for the first year of its opening season, programming a wide range of companies and artists into the theatres, rehearsal spaces, and gallery.

The Inwood Academy 

Who they are: The Inwood Academy seeks to empower students in Inwood and Washington Heights to become agents for change through community-focused leadership, character development and college preparedness.

What we did: Nick was the project lead on upgrading the Inwood Academy’s theatre space including projection, light, audio and stage upgrades working with GB Consulting Associates.