Composer Matt Marks and Nick began work to collaborate again, before Matt’s death in early 2018. The project to develop "Headphone Splitter" as a new pop-opera mini-series about a serial killer in South Brooklyn will now continue. Nick plans to film the first three episodes of the series, which Matt composed and recorded, in 2019. They last worked together on the smash hit The House of Von Macramé at The Bushwick Starr.  

Nick will be collaborating with writer/creator Nobi Nakanishi on his new pilot, writer Katherine Henner on a short, and delightful human Guy Olivieri on a feature in early 2019.


Watch "Unicornland". The new series directed by Nick and written/created by Lucy Gillespie, is now streaming on Vimeo. The 8-episodes follow Annie, who explores her sexuality post-divorce by dating couples... over drinks, at dinner, and in bed. 


Nick was a recipient of a 2017 Endeavour Executive Fellowship awarded by the Australian Government. The first theatre professional ever to receive the fellowship, he worked in Sydney and Melbourne where he consulted many of the country's leading performing arts institutions. He also lectured at VCA and the University of Sydney . His consulting work included projects with Bell Shakes, Griffin Theatre,  Belvoir Theatre, TheatreWorks, and Playwriting Australia.

In 2017 Nick attended the Raindance Film Festival and Toronto Web Festival to represent Unicornland which also appeared in the New Orleans Film Festival, Around International Film Festival (which Nick was a Best Director selection), and many others.